Wearcomp images taken during my trip to Italy

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I. LookPaintings

These images were taken with my wearcomp while I was in Italy attending the SSGRR conference. These images are `lookpaintings' taken with my wearable computer's Eyetap, and generated using the Video Orbits program. Each `lookpainting' consists of a series of images taken with my Eyetap as I cast my gaze across the scene, painting out a stroke of images. For more information on look paintings and Video Orbits, see this

The Colosseum in Rome.

The town of L'Aquila, about 100Km NE of Rome in the mountainous centre of Italy.

The SSGRR complex situated on a hill overlooking L`Aquila. It is at once a dormitory, 5 star hotel, and research complex.

St. Peter's Square in Rome. It was a rainy day. The umbrella in the lower left was moving away from me, and caused some distortion in the orbit.

The courtyard of a museum in Rome. (1 MB...at 1/4 size of original)

II. Snapshots

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