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Key-Glove Recipe


   21 Dritz nickel "snap on" 3/8" snaps from local fabric store ($5)
   1 pair of black leather gloves from Wilson Leather ($20)
   1 CompUSA 101 Key keyboard model #MKB931 ($15)
   1 spool wire wrap wire from Radio Shack ($3)
     (Douglas J.A.R. Sasse suggested: doll house wire)
   1 spool of black heavy duty thread ($1)
   10+ plastic zip ties ($1)


   1) fasten 13 male snaps to fingers of leather glove
      (4 each per first three fingers and 1 on pinky 
   2) fasten 8 male snaps to thumb (I put 4 down 
      middle, 2 along right edge, 2 on back)
   3) cut 21 lengths of wire wrap of suitable length to 
      reach keyboard encoder board (apprx 24inches)
   4) solder wires to buttons and run wires along back 
      of glove
   5) sew loops across wires to hold wires onto back of 
   6) remove encoder board from keyboard
   7) solder 13 wire leads from fingers onto contacts 
      at bottom of board for pins 4-16 of longer of two 
      plugs (CN2) for membrane keyboard

 bad acii art schematic:

   cable         _____________________________________________
==============] |}     1-16         1-8       encoder ic      |
                | [-------------] [-----]   |**************|  | 
                |                           |**************|  |
                |______________________                       |
                                       |     o    o    o      |

                  ||||||||||||||   |||||
                  ||||||||||||||   |||||
_________________////\\///////\\ __\\\\\\__________________________

                    keyboard contact sheet


   8) solder 8 wire leads from thumb onto contacts at 
      bottom of board for pins 1-8 of shorter of two
      plugs (CN1) for membrane keyboard
   9) fasten zip ties around lines between glove and 
      encoder board

   Here is the key encoding for the MKB931 Keyboard

Serving Suggestion

Recipe Variations

   1) build arm mount for encoder board along arm
   2) add contacts on pinky finger to trigger "shift" 
      "alt" and "ctrl" in parallel with other thumb 
   3) reduce the number of contacts and reorder the
      linux keyboard mapping configuration so you 
      only need 4 thumb and 10 finger contacts
   4) move snaps to optimize ergonomics
   5) replace large 3/8" snaps with smaller snaps, 
      possible sew on snaps rather than snaped on or 
      use fine wires and sew into gloves.
   6) add more stitching to hold on wire leads

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