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There were some broken cgi scripts and local links as we moved to the new server. I think most are fixed. Still looking for help editing links if anyone is interested.
Okay; I continue to be very negligent about the wearable website. The news archive is now fixed but I may not be able to keep up with new links. If anyone is interested in helping send me an email and I'll be happy to turn the site over. email:


Wearable Showcase: See some of the wearable computers people have built, with links to instructions and detailed specifications


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Welcome to Wearable Central

Wearables Central was created on July 10, 1998 to act as an archive for the newly founded Usenet Newsgroup comp.sys.wearables and an archive for the mailing list Wear-Hard@haven.org, which is a nexus of a great deal of discussion on wearables and wearable computing. Since then, my constant need to tinker with things compelled me to add a search engine to index the discussions in the two forums. Just recently, I had a chance to install Gimp 1.0.0 and couldn't help but start adding more images and buttons to the web site and finally several pages with links to hardware and software for wearable computers. Hopefully, people will find this site useful, and I will remember to keep tabs on the links.

I should note, this site does not attempt to rank, or review hardware, software, or other technologies which may be used in wearable computing systems, but rather present useful links to current sources of information and products for the wearable community.

If you see any outdated links, or would like to see new links added to this site, please email your suggestions to:

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