Why should WearComps run Linux? Wouldn't a more popular OS be a more logical choice?

Before continuing, please read the response to Won't WearComps just barrage us with spam and make us more slaves to the machine than we are already?
We see the fears addressed in the above article as symptomatic of a commercialized computing paradigm where end users feel a loss of control - and rightly so. Let's face it: in that "more popular OS" all the meat and potatoes of control and understanding have been abstracted away by the point and click "easy-to-use" GUI, and, what's worse, all the internal mechanisms of the machine in the kernel and OS are hidden away in a locked black box labelled PROPRIETARY.

We run Linux on our WearComps because we must control them if we are not to be enslaved to them. True control is impossible without the freedom to understand and modify the system.

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Adapted from James Fung's Some Thoughts and Observations on Humanistic Intelligence and Mediated Reality