An extremely wide-angle distortion-free shot is produced, giving rise to a dramatic sense of extreme perspective.
(jpeg of large version, 2048 by 2048 pixels) .

Head-mounted camera in restaurant (4 people at table, obviously one wearing camera not visible in picture). Violations of basic assumptions:

  • Some slight movement of the people in the picture.
  • Noisy video.
  • The camera had automatic gain control which could not be disabled. Thus frames with more sky area in them were imaged darker.
  • Rotation was not about the center of projection of the camera.

    Despite these violations of the assumptions, the result is still quite acceptable.

    Original image data available on request. Perhaps you might provide some feedback on how you'd like to see the data distributed (e.g. as a UNIX tarfile, or perhaps simply as a sequence of separate image files). To be continued...

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