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Personal Documentary and `VideoClips'

`Personal Imaging' (used in two of the author's documentaries, `Shooting Back' and `VideoClips') makes use of the manner in which the EUI functions as a true extension of the body and mind, giving rise to a new cinematographic technique. In `Shooting Back' (Fig 4)

Figure 4: Shootingback conveys the first-person perspective in a much more natural way than previous point-of-view cinematography. Here the viewer assumes the point of view of a documentary video maker questioning video surveillance. (a) Talking to representative of organization using surveillance. HandyCam is held at side pointing back. (b) bringing camera up to eudaemonic eye, (c) eudaemonic eye inside eyecup (looking through viewfinder).

Steve Mann
Sun Mar 9 16:09:27 EST 1997