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`Eudaemonic Eye': `Personal Imaging' and Wearable Computing as Result of Deconstructing HCI; Towards Greater Creativity and Self-Determination.

Steve Mann, N1NLF i

Massachusetts Institute of Technology, Building E15-383, Cambridge, MA02139

Author's current mailing address:
Prof. Steve Mann,
University of Toronto,
10 King's College Road, Room 2001,
Toronto, Ontario,
M5S 3G4;


The apparatus for `personal imaging' consists of a combination of the author's `existential computer' invention (hardware portion also referred to as the ``wearable computer'') with an electronic camera as the primary input device. Personal imaging, a conceptual framework around this simple apparatus, is first presented as a new research area, and then applications to the visual arts, and to personal documentary, are presented.

Steve Mann
Sun Mar 9 16:09:27 EST 1997