About Us

About Us

Stephen Ross is the original creator of the Thought Reading Camera. He has written morseCam.c which uses muscle contraction to generate morse code in order to trigger xcaplive to take a picture.

A group of programmers (Fion Lee, James Lin, Irwin Liu, Nathan Quinlan) then came along, hacked some of Stephen's code and hacked more of xcaplive.c to create their version of xcapliveprocomp. This is part of their Engineering Design/CSC494H and CSC495H project.

Daniel Chen(chend@ecf.utoronto.ca) and Rubaiyat Islam(islamr@ecf.utoronto.ca) introduced the mathematical analysis to get the project working. Daniel Chen is a student from the Engineering Science program at the University of Toronto. He is in the Computer Engineering Option, however he has a keen interest in cellular biology . Rubaiyat Islam is a student in the same program, majoring in the Electrical Engineering Option. His interests include abstract mathematics, and theoretical physics. Sam Sadeghi (sadeghi@ecf.utoronto.ca) also of Engineering Science, majoring in the physics stream, has proved to be extremely helpful by bringing his previous experience from the neurophysiology labs at the University of Toronto. He also has a keen interest in signal processing, and neural networks. With his help, the thoughtcam/HICam project will reach new heights.

Our supervisor is Professor Steve Mann from the ECE Department of the University of Toronto. Professor Mann heads the EyeTap Personal Imaging Lab at the University of Toronto

Project launched in September, 1999.