Sample Experiments

Control - Day in a life

Scenario 1: Working in front of a computer
Observations: Upon testing our experimentally chosen thresholds on the thoughtcam group members under this scenario, we are confident that the thresholds chosen are reliable as no pictures were taken even though data shown that there were natural drifts in the measurements.

Scenario 2: Walking casually while wearing ProComp+
Observations: The movement did not result in any significant difference compare to scenario 1 when the SC and temperature sensors were securely taped to the fingers. The respiration belt need to be readjusted due to a different posture.


Scenario 1: Taking deep breathes
Observations: Whenever deep breathes were taken, the respiration threshold was exceeded and pictures were taken correspondingly.

Scenario 2: Breathing fast and shallow
Observations: Since respiration sensor measured the amplitude of diaphragm expansion, shallow breathes did not trigger pictures to be taken. However, as part of the sympathetic nervous system response, hyperventilation resulted in drop in skin temperature.


Scenario: Sudden attack by shaking the chair which the subject was sitting on while his eyes were closed
Observations: As the level of shock was hard to systematically quantify, we saw various results in repeated trials. Need a more systematic design for this experiment.


Scenario: Subject approached by his design project supervisor about an hour before his presentation
Observations: Skin conductance sensor captured increased sweat gland activity. Pictures were taken correspondingly.

Note: Sample data are saved in the xcaplive directory under various dates.