For the software, simply log into the thoughtcam account and go into the ~/gnuav_thoughtcam/xcaplive/ directory. This is the directory where the magic happens.

Please note there are a lot of files (including our working progresses) you don't need there but we won't worry about that. And if you are using the NetWinder, ThoughtCam was originally on it so you do NOT need to recompile.

Run make in the xcaplive directory if needed.

Then you can just run xcapliveprocomp to run the program.

Software Running:

Run ./xcapliveprocomp in the xcaplive directory inside the gnuav_thoughtcam directory.


Click here to see the connections in pictures.

Connect one of the fiber-optic wires to the (fiberOptic to serial) connector. Be sure the wire is in as far as it can go, there is some resistance when you insert the wire just be sure it is firmly touching the end. You can't have gaps between the wire and the internal connector. Then tighten the thing you can tighten on the connector.

Connect connector to the Netwinder.

Insert other end of wire into the ProComp+ device, the same way you inserted and fastened it to the connector.

The ProComp+ is now connected. If the program fails to start: Be sure the ProComp+ is on, if it isn't then the program blocks until it is turned on OR has a proper connection.

The camera is connected to the NTSC or RCA connector for Video-In. The only camera this works with is the kind which connects to an RCA jack, and not the WebCam kind of camera.

If you are using a mouse, be sure it is a PS/2 mouse, as otherwise you can't connect the ProComp+.

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