Electronic News Gathering Wear (ENGwear)

ENGwear, is a network technology that connects many EyeTap systems together. EyeTaps connected to the EngWear network can share visual information with one another. ENGWear was originally based on the premise of Electronic News Gathering wear(ENGwear). The ENGwear project used the internet as the most powerful, openly accessible medium of today by tapping into the mind's eye, allowing individuals to record live, relevant content, and broadcast their message to the world. However, EngWear has since evolved to provide an endless plurality of applications. The EngWear network allows those connected through EyeTap to provide share visual information with each other. This is particularly useful for "collective intelligence" or groupware applications, which continue to become increasingly in demand.

ENGwear demonstrates one of the many new possibilities arising from new synergy between humans and computers, the synergy forming the basis of Humanistic Intelligence and Personal Cybernetics.

Contact: James Fung at fungja@eecg.toronto.edu