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EyeTap lies at the center of the ePI Lab research. EyeTap technology is the key enabling technology for Mediated Reality which lies at the forefront of wearable computing.
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Personal Imaging

The ePI Lab has 30 year experience in Personal Imaging. Many powerful technologies including mediated reality and comparametrics have been developed through our lab's research and commitment.
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Wearable Computing

Wearable Computers are at the apex of the current digital convergence revolution.
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Existential Technology

Existential Technology is a new research area of the ePI Lab, operating under the Existential Technology Research Centre(ETRC). The ETRC has dealt with wind and solar energy research. The philosophy behind the ETRC is empowering people through innovative technologies such as EyeTap, thus making individuals watch the watcher(Sousveillance vs. Surveillance).