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The ePI Lab embraces the benefits of open-source software development. Many packages we have developed are available through this site. To read about the projects please follow the links above.

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OpenVIDIA: GPU Accelerated Computer Vision Library

The OpenVIDIA project implements computer vision algorithms on computer graphics hardware, using OpenGL and Cg. The project provides libraries and example programs which run computer vision algorithms run on the graphics processing unit (GPU).
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Glinaccess is a package containing configurations and scripts specifically designed as a streamlined interface for wearable computing. It configures the console and X-windows environments to be easily used on small, commonly used wearable displays.
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Comparametrics Tool Kit Package (including Video Orbits)

The Comparametrics Tool Kit Package contains tools for lightspace image analysis. It contains programs for registering images both spatially (Video Orbits) and tonally (comparametrics).
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xcaplive is a GNU/Linux program for wearable video processing, transmission, storage, and rememberance. It is used for wearable computing and EyeTap systems, and has features specifically designed for wearable computing.