Humanistic Intelligence

"Humanistic Intelligence" differs from Artificial Intelligence in the sense that the goal is to "become" intelligent, through prostheses of sorts, rather than be replaced or disenfranchised by intelligent machines. Thus H.I. challenges the notion of environmental intelligence and ubiquitous surveillance. Rather than "smart rooms", "smart floors", "smart ceilings", "smart toilets", "smart light switches", etc., H.I. puts forth the notion of "smart people".

An important goal of H.I. is to take a first step toward a foremost principle of the Enlightenment, that of the dignity of the individual. This is accomplished through a prosthetic transformation of the body into a sovereign space.

From Humanistic Intelligence (Ars Electronica Symposium, Plenary lecture by Steve Mann, Wednesday Sept. 10, 1997, Linz, Austria)