Corey Manders' Research Page

I'm currently working on my Ph.D. at the University of Toronto. My supervisor is Steve Mann.

My GPG public key is HERE.

Recently I've been looking at raw data from Nikon cameras. My intent is to use this to produce an accurate noise model for the camera. Basically, I want to know everything about the sensor array on this camera. Being a standard RGB camera, the sensor array is arranged in a Bayer pattern. I have hacked some open source code for reading the raw (NEF) files from this camera to dump out the raw bayer pattern data. Right now, I'm linearly compressing the information into a [0,255] range so that it may be easily viewed. For the purpose of analysing data, I'm going to dump out the files as uncompressed 2-byte per pixel data.

The current working version of the code is available here.

The final version of my master's thesis is available as:
postscript (41 Mb)
proprietary document format - pdf (2.0Mb)
latex source file (121Kb)
Some papers which I have published with Steve Mann (or are curently being reviewed) are:

A cool window manager hack for wearable computers
Much of the code i've written is available at:

My space at the university is:
Room 2202
Sanford Fleming Blg
University of Toronto
10 Kings College Rd
Toronto Ontario

my email address is:
where username is corey (spam protection)