Chris Aimone


DECONference 2002, Toronto, Canada. Project Leader: Engineering, Intererior Design, Architecture, Interactive Computer Environments, Web / Graphic Design.

EyeTap Video-based Projective Motion Estimation Assisted by Gyroscopic Tracking. Chris Aimone, Andrej Marjan, Steve Mann. International Symposium for Wearable Computing (ISWC 2002).

Seeing Eye to Eye: A Shared Mediated Reality Using EyeTap Devices and the VideoOrbits Gyroscopic Head Tracker. Felix Tang, Chris Aimone, James Fung, Andrej Marjan, Steve Mann. International Symposium for Mixed and Augmented Reality (ISMAR 2002).

Head Mounted Control System & Bluetooth Enabled Wheelchair. IEEE CSIDC (Computer Society International Design competition).

Autonomous Wall Climbing Robot.

Interactive Environment Design. 2002 Images Festival, Toronto, Canada.

EyeTap visual prosthetic design and fabrication.

Mediated Reality Bluetooth Device Locator.

Wearable talking fish.

Photography. Applications of numerical multiple exposure techniques developed by Prof Steve Mann. Architectural and product photography.

24h Treehouse Design Competition. Chris Aimone, Owen Lyons, Dave McDougall.

ExisTech Corporation. Logo and letterhead design. Wearable computer design and fabrication. Italian made Weissenfels chain locks. Custom Bike Parts.