EyeTap Personal Imaging (ePI) Lab

Edward S. Rogers Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering
University of Toronto

The EyeTap Personal Imaging Lab (ePI Lab) is a computer vision and intelligent image processing research lab focused on the area of personal imaging, mediated reality and wearable computers. Originally founded in 1998, it was formerly known as the Humanistic Intelligence Laboratory (HI Lab) at the University of Toronto by Professor Steve Mann. Its mandate from the beginning has been to research wearable computing and cybernetic concepts and to channel developments into practical, market-driven products and processes. Our recent name change reflects our renewed focus on the area of personal imaging of which Professor Mann has had 30 years experience of exploring, and with which we believe the penetration of wearable devices into the mainstream will begin first. ePI Lab research strengths include wearable computing hardware and Open Source Mediated Reality software. The lab hopes to develop a new generation of Personal Imaging Solutions and Mediated Reality interfaces to satisfy the huge demand for personal imaging across the world, and also overcome the challenges in our information saturated world.